M004.003-EN STEP7 Crash Course Extendet Edition (English language)

STEP7 Crash Course Extendet Edition (English language)

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STEP®7 Crash Course Extended Edition

Extensive description of the STEP®7 programming language and further topics on the subject of automation technology.

About the book:

The programming language STEP®7 is an advanced development of STEP®5 and it is applied for the controller generation "SIMATIC® S7". The "SIMATIC® S7" is the most widely spread Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in Europe.
This book should help beginners to quickly get used to working with the programming language STEP®7.
By means of numerous examples the individual topics are introduced to the reader in detail. 
The book does not only impart the language of STEP®7, but also the handling of control devices of the S7-300® series.
The chapters Indirect Addressing, Analog Value Processing, Hardware Configuration, Global Data Communication, Profibus DP Configuration, Ethernet Networking and Remote Maintenance are of interest for advanced learners.
Using the demo version of WinPLC7 V4(*) you can reproduce the examples on a Windows-PC.
Since the simulation software (Software-PLC) is to be operated just like a real S7-PLC, the reader will simultaneously also practice the handling with a real S7 controller.
An Overview of S7 Instructions, an overview of S7-PLCs and a Glossary in the appendix complete the book.

Target groups

The book addresses beginners who want to become familiar with the language of STEP®7 as well as advanced learners who want to intensify their knowledge. Thus, this book is equally suitable for students of vocational schools, students of universities, experts, technicians and masters of the areas electrical and mechanical engineering.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows7
  • PC with CPU 1 GHz or faster
  • 1 GB main memory
  • CD-ROM-drive


Content of the CD-ROM:

  • WinPLC7 V4 (Demo), S7 programming and simulation software. Multi-Language-Software:English, German, Italiano, Français, Español, Russian, Turkish.
  • WinPLC-Analyzer (Demo) Multi-Language-Software: English, German, Italiano, Français, Español.   

*The time limit of 60 days can be derestricted via the Internet. By means of the demo version it is possible to enter and simulate app. 90% of the examples. Some examples are too large for the demo version.


651 pages:

1 Introduction
2 PLC Technical Basics
3 The first S7-Program
4 Explanation of the operands in STEP®7
5 Addressing Operands
6 Symbolic Programming
7 Logic Operations
8 Linear and structured Programming
9 Data types in STEP®7
10 Load and Transfer instructions
11 Block parameter
12 Global Data Blocks
13 Function Blocks
14 Counter
15 Timer
16 Sequencer Programming (Sequential Control)
17 The Registers of the CPU
18 Processing the S7-Program within the PLC
19 Jump instructions
20 Error diagnostic within an S7-CPU
21 The MPI Network
22 Handling an S7-CPU
23 Comparator
24 Arithmetic Instructions
25 Differences between S5 and S7
26 Programming Guidelines within STEP®7
27 Indirect Addressing
28 Analog value processing
29 Call Environment
30 Hardware Configuration
31 Configuration of a Profibus DP System
32 Configuration of an intelligent DP Slave
33 Industrial Ethernet
34 Simplified Configuration of a VIPA SPEED7
35 Remote maintenance of S7 controllers
36 Global data Communication
37 Error analysis with the WinPLC-Analyzer
A  Overview of S7 and S7 compatible
B  Numeral Systems
C  Glossary
D  Overview of STEP®7 Instructions



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